Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Chile post-earthquake condition

hmm ... one more sad news that does not happen again in the inevitable nature of our earth. for some reason lately many natural disasters that hit unexpected equanimity. and certainly not news began to grow on the surface will buni devastating natural disasters that will occur in each of them, certainly not how we all have to face all this. But definitely do not panic and frustration to do what action.

Chile which recently hit a pretty good disaster is affected by the earthquake that destroyed 8.8 SR buildings there, and the word earthquake is also regarded as an earthquake No. 7 terdahsyat world. Victims who fell in the earthquake was reported just 700 people. But the victims are still trapped in the building are still there to this day.

In addition to the disaster was a terrible earthquake, occurred in the chili fenoma social change that is bad enough looting everywhere. All kinds of looters emerged, ranging from food raider, raider car, and others. Hmm,,, this is very sad, this looting should not have happened. they could actually think that this looting is useless especially looters car, for what they steal a car when the infrastructure is there not yet recovered, looters continue to make electronic devices what they are stealing electricity when there is not necessarily burn.
This phenomenon, showing that the brutality of the soul within us is very difficult to control while the situation has not calmed down. but behind sorrow there is always a pleasure it is going to drive all these troubles. Maybe it was not conscience triumphed again in the hearts of those who experienced this natural disaster, or may be closed for a while until all the conditions have calmed down (who knows).

Various theft that occurred in the chili after this disaster seemed to make the army and the police there to overcome the overwhelmed them all.
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Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Federal Tax office in Texas in a hit-by Aircraft

Austin, Texas had just experienced the tragedy of events that is terrible enough but not too many victims are falling. a plane without a passenger crashed himself into a federal tax office where menawaskan pilots and injuring several people in the office.
With the occurrence of this incident reminds us of a skyscraper bombing of American's who have been attacked by terrorists with airplanes crashed way too and victims of these events was overwhelming and terrible day will remain a memory for people there. back to events in texas, the actions undertaken this daring pilot reportedly was not a terrorist act because there is no motive that support towards them. Texas police say that the perpetrator (the aircraft pilot) is estimated to deliberately crash the plane because the federal tax office has a problem with tax (they are obtained from tax records in the name of the pilot).
Of the options available, the possibility of the pilot who committed suicide this uncomfortable problem at all with tax problems. maybe he has a tax demands quite a lot so that he can not afford or have other problems

in my view about this, maybe people who commit suicide are desperate and probably he also had other problems so cornering him that there is no other way to save himself but to his suicide. This is also a reflection of us all that all the problems we face are best solved by good and if we can not solve the problem then you should invite others to help us in the finish is at least one of our family, and which importantly do not forget to always pray to God Almighty
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New things on the 14th February 2010 in the year now

when talking about the date of 14 February, is looming by yourself?
Hmm,,, I think most people probably already know, Yaps, dated February 14 is Valentine's day where everybody he often share the love and affection as a marker that we give them the form of a chocolate gift. Hmm .. nice, if eaten alone with a loved one (heeheh, please imagine .. heehe). But for some people maybe this Valentine's Day is a day of ordinary ang wrote, but that's not a problem,, any notion of Valentine's Day is important we stick together.
Apart from this Valentine's Day, was dated 14 February 2010 it has another meaning, especially for the tianghoa,, the 14th is a day to celebrate the Day IMLEK. waw,, everything you know about the holiday that imlek one big feast of the tianghoa. In each of the celebrations, food yag should possess any of these are food tianghoa sweet and full of bright colors. And a clear sleeve is usually red.
So, already you know if the date is 14 February 2010 was quite different from the other February 14. imagine if all of you if the day of love and the holiday in tianghoa join into one?? .. hmm .. I think the day was very very super, super happy, her super festive, super affectionate, and super another. and sign it also simultaneously imlek Valentin and this allows us to reflect on ourselves to become a better person and give happiness to others and especially yourself
Surely we all hope that happiness is going on that day was to continue to develop into berlangusung and better. Let complicated life disappeared in the minds of our minds, and always looking to the future we will take. For those of us today feel the happiness that is yet to come, keep praying and Gain of happiness to be achieved it. final word, congratulations ^ ^ enjoy happiness.
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Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

The Phenomenon of Hundreds of Dead Fish Washed up on Shore KUTA Bali

Never imagined whether by you if there are hundreds of dead fish washed up on shore where we are always tired during the day to spend there?? hmmm. maybe you'd feel uncomfortable going there because that does not smell pleasant and another clearer view of what we find there is a very uncomfortable one. Who had wanted to eliminate fatigue during the day but instead a situation that adds tired of this body.

Situations or circumstances such as this is a familiar thing in the Bali Kuta beach area since the last few years. This is caused by global warming occurs resulting in increased temperatures in various regions of the world. With increasing temperature of the earth's surface, then it also reflects the rise in ocean temperatures and the fish are not tolerant to temperatures meningakat like this then they will experience death.

for the visitor area kuta bali beach resort, this event makes them reluctant to walk around the beach. This, it is not wrong to want logiakanya who travel in areas that are not comfortable and the scenery is a bit disturbed. some suggestions for the government of Indonesia that it is given enough attention in the handling of dead fish that washed up on beach bali kuta this. Because if it allowed the visitors to tourists, both domestic and abroad will be reluctant to visit and it certainly will reduce state revenues and Kuta beach resort area of Bali.

It really is unfortunate that all happened because a lot of dead fish it will interfere with our food sources and will also be a bit disturbing the natural balance in the food chain where this life will be a little disconnected. Therefore, we as humans have a mind to try to keep this natural preserve for the survival of this world very well maintained. This maintenance action does not have to start from someone else but start from ourselves and continue to the next of kin and neighbors and continue to the surrounding community. Important little things that we do is reduce our attitudes so wasteful, both wasteful of energy and physical wasteful. And adopt healthy lifestyles
And I hope that with a healthy understanding of yourself there will be formed this world of nature conservation. ^ _ ^
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Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

President of the United States Obama visited Indonesia in March

Obama, who has a small period in the history of Indonesia was reported to visit this March. In this visit, it is known he would see the state primary school he had occupied during his stay in Indonesia. And this is the first time Obama's visit with a name as the President of the United States is known as a superpower.
In Indonesia alone, this figure does give Obama a very good impression of where it is proved the making of statues Obama (a little bit of controversy within the community to reap Indonesia) with a considerable fund of making our spend. However, besides the existence of this statue Obama, his presence in Indonesia Indonesia will make relations with the superpower would improve as well.
For this visit is expected to occur once there is no demo rejection presence as president of the United States who happen to visit the president of the United States before. because remember Obama also is one who has ever felt the wind of poverty which exist in Indonesia and with this kadatangannya hopefully can encourage more young people to work hard again.
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Honda City Manufacturer response to the damage to the automatic window

Recently, Honda Manufacturing of Indonesi ultimately provide feedback about the damage suffered Honda City Car output in 2007-2008. They want to replace the damage if it had happened unwanted events from the damage, but for anything that has not happened, they just provide a free service for the car with the condition that they make these improvements at the official Honda shop.
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Babe "the killer and mutation street children"

Finally, homicides of children under the age of Indonesia solved by the police, the suspect was a murder fathers who everyday is known as a good heart and love to a child. Of his neighbors also said that every day Babe (daily calls) often carry a small child (usually a street) his house and no one knows why he's doing it.
From the results of investigations on the suspects, he admitted that the murder had done as much as 14 times and all the victims are children under age. The reason he killed the children because they do not want to meet the desires of the perpetrator sex murderer, then the desire to vent after he direct killing action. In addition, another shocking confession from the father of this is that he had committed acts of murder since 1993. wah .. so surprising is it?? kalo calculated murder of action has occurred for 16 years, waw such as age teenagers,,, hehe ..

This action is very heartbreaking, this should not happen but what should the power .. I hope that terrible and heartbreaking this does not happen again
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